We improve the processes

We are a consulting company of strategic design and innovation processes, which seeks to improve the relationship of users with organizations through tools and design approaches (Design thinking). Tangroop seeks to create value in services to generate impact on the people who use them.

We want to insert in the DNA of people the creative confidence to boost their capacity to catalyze processes and transform their environments.

Our Team

Interdisciplinar teams for each projec

We work together to create the best experience to your client

MD and PhD in Human Genetics. Self-recognized as connoisseur of craft beer and potato chips

"Information becomes power, when it is analyzed and interpreted appropriately."

Javier Gutierrez-Achury
Co-founder - CEO

Industrila Designer, MBA, Design Thinker, Public transformation and User Experience creative.

"The innovation superpower is empower communities4development"

Claudia González Arévalo
Co founder - Chief of product and experience

Graphic designer and Super heroes movies geek.

Erica Paladines
Graphic designer Sr.

Cristhian Covaleda
Graphic Designer Jr.


We create and strengthen the different stages of the services with which the user interacts. With this we seek to transform the experience and improve the relationship between users and organizations.

the tangroop approach

Co-create for people based on evidence

We build interdisciplinary teams for each project and based on qualitative and quantitative evidence, we design services for the people who really use them.

Based on evidence

The best service experience works best through the data. Tangroop explores, you get direct access to the analysis of your clients, understanding them deeply and making decisions based on evidence.

People centered

We transform the experience of customer services. We support the increase of benefits and the reduction of frustrations.

Interdisciplinary team

Complex problems are best solved collaboratively. Tangroop builds an interdisciplinary network that works on the challenges of services.


Service Design Thinking

We use an approach that connects different methods and tools from various disciplines to design and develop more usable, useful and desirable services for clients.


Evaluation based on the evidence

We use evidence driven by the data. Through that we discover, diagnose and identify the solution.
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Directed and holistic creativity

We promote an environment that facilitates the generation and validation of genuine, comprehensive and sustainable solutions.


Make ideas come true

We manage the continuous improvement, the development and the implementation of the solutions in an agile way.